Radiant Health Imaging

by Pam Ryerse

D.I.T.I. (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging)

The only method available for "visualizing" pain and dysfuntion

What is Infrared Imaging?

This is an adjunctive diagnostic test that is totally non-invasive clinical imaging procedure that is used in the detection and monitoring of a number of diseases and physical injuries, by showing thermal abnoralities present in the body.

It can be used as an aid dor diagnosis and prognosis, as well as monitoring therapy progress, for conditions and injuries including:

Inflamation   Back Injuries   Arthritis   Headache   Nerve Damage   Unexplained Pain   Dental and TMJ   Vascular Diseease   Breast Disease   Inflammatory Pain  

Referred Pain Syndromes   Sprain/Strain   Digestive Disorders

Pam will be at Revive and Renew Therapies these dates:

March 10th and 11th,    April 7th and 8th,    May 12th and 13th,

June 9th and 10th,    July 7th and 8th,    Aug 11th and 12th,

Sep 8th and 9th,    Oct 13th and 14th,    Nov 10th and 11th,

Dec 8th and 9th 

Clinical thermography appointments available! 

Where: Revive and Renew Wholistic Therpies

4360 Kennnedy Drive East Moline


Schedule by calling Pam at (641) 469-6081


List of Services


Region of Interest (ROI) 30 minute appointment $175

Head, Breast & Lymph, Abdomen, Lower Extremities, Upper Extremities


 All Follow-up Breast: 30 minute appointment $160


2 ROI: 30 minute appointment $275


3 ROI or Half Body: 60 minute appointment $305


Full Body: 60 minute appointment $385


Monitoring Therapy: 30 minutes appointment $100


Downloadable patient forms and preparation guidlines available on our website "appointment" page: www.radianthealthimaging.com?#!health-plans/c1mhs