Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy

Megan Graft, LMT and Lymphatic Enhancement Practitioner

Do you experience any of these symptoms?
Breast swelling or soreness, Lipomas, Headaches/Migrains, Digestive Issues, Brain Fog, Cellulite, Ears Popping/Ringing, Hormone Imbalance, Chronic Pain, ADHD/Stree/PTS, Auto Immune Disease, Cystic/Fibrotic Issues, Jaw/Dental Issues, Swelling
You need Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy!
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The lympathic system is the most underrated part of our circulatory system. Our bodies contain about 50 percent more lymphatic fluid than blood, yet sadly many health-care practitioners in the US, rarely consider the critical role the lymphatic system plays in preventing disease and keeping us healthy. 

The lymphatic system has three primary functions: 

1. Its cells are responsible for the immune response of the body. (Also called the immune system)
2. The vessels of lymphatic system actually represents a seperate circulatory system in the human body. Unlike caridovascular system, the lymphatic system does not directly supply nutrients or oxygen to the tissues of the body, rather is primarily involved in the return of fluids from the tissues which includes the protien-rich fluids that escapes from the circulatory system blood vessels. 
3. It is involved in the transport of select nutrients from the digestive system to the circulatory system. 

Overall, the lymphatic system is our largest body drain. It can stay clogged for many years. The lymphatic system drains waste from every cell of your body! 
Understanding the Lymphatic System
Your lymphatic system is a network of vessels and nodes that move fluid between your cells and tissues. Essentially, it IS your immune system! The primary function is to help rid our bodies of toxins, waste and other unwanted gunk. When your lymphatic system becomes blocked, you become vulnerable to viral, fungal and bacterial intruders.
Health and Well-Being
LET is useful for health conscious individuals and athletes for its benefits to the immune system, overall general health promotion, anit-aging regimes, performance, greater vitality, and supports detox regimes. 
Chronic Pain & Illness
If you suffer from chronic pain & illness such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, headaches, chronic fatigue, chronic sinus congestion, edema or stress, as series of LET sessions will address many of these symptoms.
Post-Surgery & Injury Rehab
LET is remarkable for post-operative healing. The vibrational technology from LET helps to reduce swelling and inflammation and soften scar tissue & adhesions. LET encourages the removal of anesthesia and other pharmaceuticals from your system, which subsequently promotes healing and recovery. 
Megan Graft, LMT and Lymphatic Enhancement

Megan would love to help clear your lymphatic system so you can feel better! 

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